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Hands on training course of mesotherapy in Paris

Under the tutorship of Jacques le Coz
Appointed doctor, National Institute for Sports, Paris (INSEP)

Assisted by Doctor Jean Jacques Deutsch
Aesthetic MD

Dr Jacques le Coz
Appointed doctor, National Institute for Sports, Paris (INSEP)
Has trained in his office with hands on more than 3000 MD.

Les pathologies traitées

20% aesthetic

60% rhumatology and sports traumatology

10 % vascular, infectious and various pathologies

10 % others kinds of injections: PRP, cortisone et hyaluronic acid

New october 2020

Mésothérapie : place en traumatologie et rhumatologie

Jacques Le Coz

Cet ouvrage de référence présente la place de la mésothérapie dans un grand nombre d'indications en traumatologie du sport et en rhumatologie pour lesquelles elle peut être efficace. L'auteur médecin du sport propose également en cas d'échec ou de non-indication d'autres thérapeutiques dont il a l'expertise (injections de cortisone d'acide hyaluronique ou de PRP etc.) ainsi que leurs protocoles.

De nombreuses photographies exclusives en couleur illustrent la technique et les voies d'injection.

Pour chacun des chapitres de nombreux experts (rhumatologues rééducateurs fonctionnels podologues kinésithérapeutes ostéopathes chirurgiens) précisent la place qu'occupe leur technique pour chaque indication.


Practical Courses

The training courses are restricted to MD and DO (bring your medical licence).

One on one practical training course (one trainee with one teacher).

Trainees can choose date according to their availability.

In 15 hours of courses, the trainee will examine 45 patients, and prepare the mixture of medicines. Practise injections with an electric injector or manually.

At the end of the course, the trainee will receive a certificate and discount on equipment.

Fee: 500 €

Advanced courses

To improve your technique and for the most current therapies in Mesotherapy, an additional 3 hours one on one training with Doctor Le Coz in his office is recommended.

Fee: 140 €
for MD and DO who have attended Dr Le Coz’s conferences in US

Fee: 100 €
as part of the practical course in Paris

Please, phone me in my office (afternoon) +33 1 45 80 33 11
or send me an e-mail to docteur-le-coz@wanadoo.fr with all your details