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Since 2003, the increase in interest and numerous requests from the North American and Asian continents for mesotherapy have allowed Dr Le Coz to fulfil the wish or Dr Pistor, the inventor of Mesotherapy, to spread this therapy all over the world. This textbook by Dr Le Coz is tribute to Dr Pistor and the legacy of his ground-breaking work. It covers multiple applications for mesotherapy, most particularly, in general medicine, sports medicine and aesthetic medicine. For each clinical indication, it offerts a clear therapeutic plan, a precise and appropriate treatment protocol, the locations and depths of injections, the frequency of treatments as well as the technical details to avoid pain, hematomas and any secondary effects. CONTENTS 1 - History of Mesotherapy 2 - Skin Properties and Presumed Modes of Action 3 - Scientific Works 4 - Materials 5 - Medications Used in Mesotherapy 6 - Techniques and Depths of Injection 7 - Mechanisms of Action and Therapeutic Applications 8 - The Consultation 9 - Guidelines for a Trainee 10 - Side Effects of Mesotherapy 11 - Rheumatology 12 - Neurology 13 - Ophthalmology 14 - Otorhinolaryngology 15 - Pneumology 16 - Gastroenterology 17 - Urology 18 - Stomatology 19 - Sport Medicine 20 - Vascimar System 21 - Gynecology 22 - Dermatology 23 - Aesthetics 24 - Lipolysis with Phosphotidlycholine and Deoxycholate Number of pages 212, Price 125 $ or 80 ?

Mesotherapy and Lipolysis, a comprehensive clinical approach General Medicine - Sports Medicine - Aesthetic Medicine Jacques Le Coz

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