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Benefits of Courses

Mesotherapy, a medical technique that is French in origin, was initiated in 1952 by Doctor PISTOR. Mesotherapy has been repeatedly successful in the following specialization: Rhumatology Sports Traumatology Infectious diseases Vascular diseases Esthetical treatment Mesotherapy can treat certain, but not every indication of each specialization. It can only be practiced by a qualified and experienced physician in Mesotherapy. The patient should not feel pain during injections, and the physician should not induce haematomas as a result of injections. The size of the needles, liquid medication, the doses, number of injections and their localization depend on a precise diagnosis, and a related treatment using Mesotherapy. This 15 hour course, given by our team of Practitioners selected for their experience in Mesotherapy and teaching will allow you to integrate the notions needed for safe and totally efficient administration of Mesotherapy. Jacques LE COZ

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